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LIST Juhee from 5 to 7
Category Korean Project
Project Juhee from 5 to 7
Director JANG Kunjae
Country Korea
Director's Profile Jang Kun-jae is a Korean film director and producer. He has directed features such as Eighteen (2009), Sleepless Night (2012), and A Midsummer’s Fantasia (2014), which gained acclaim from critics and audiences. He co-directed a Muju Film Festival production project, Vestige (2020), and served as an executive producer on Shin Dong-min′s debut film, Mom’s Song (2020). He recently directed TVING original series, Monstrous (2022). He co-authored What will Become of the Cinema: Thoughts of 62 people who imagine the future of cinema (2021), and published Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s essay & script book Acting in Front of the Camera (2022) in Korea. Currently, he’s working on post-production for Initial Memories, and filming Because I Hate Korea, adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Chang Kang-myoung.
Ju-hee, a professor of theater at a university, is told after a medical examination that she may have cancer. Her husband Ho-jin, a theater director, is busy preparing for a play ahead of its premiere. The film depicts two hours of their hopes and anxieties.

Ju-hee, a drama professor who wants to quit teaching after finishing the current semester, finds out that she has a suspected malignant tumor in her chest after a medical examination. She is sure it′s cancer. She once dreamed of becoming a successful actor and an accomplished teacher, but now she’s tired of everything. She goes to her office to settle her affairs, where some of her students turn up, hoping to talk to her.
Ho-jin, the director of a theater company, is busy preparing for a play ahead of its premiere. There is a scene that he is not sure how best to direct, and it bothers him. Young members of the theater company whisper and gossip that Ho-jin′s play, about a middle-aged couple in crisis, may actually be his own story.
Director's Note
The genesis of the film was the idea of switching the setting of Cleo from 5 to 7 (Agnes Varda, 1962) from the streets of Paris in the ‘60s to a cinematic chamber play in 2022. Cleo, an actor in her 20s who wanders through the streets of Paris, was transformed into middle-aged Ju-hee, in her 40s, who wants to change the direction of her life. All that is left of her, having given up her acting career and spent the past 10 years teaching, is a tired mind and a sick body. And then there is Ho-jin, the director struggling to lead an old theater company. His stubbornness, like a relic of the past century, does not fit with sophisticated modern attitudes. He puts his own story, of the breakdown of his relationship with his wife, Ju-hee, into his play. It sounds like Ho-jin is making excuses, or like a final letter to Ju-hee. I’d like to share this story with those who don′t know where to go when the lives they have cultivated so sincerely are denied and their overconfident bodies have become sick.
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2022 Seoul Independent Film Festival - Festival Choice (Feture Film Showcase)
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