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LIST Birth
Category Korean Project
Project Birth
Director YOO Ji-young
Country Korea
Director's Profile After graduating from Korean Academy of Film Arts, Yoo Ji-young directed and released her first feature film, Duck Town (2017). Her second short film, Confession (2011), won Grand Prize at Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2011, and the Best Director prize at Jeonju International Film Festival 2011. Birth (2022), her second feature film, is scheduled for its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival 2022.
“I just want to be remembered as a good writer, not a great mother.”
The melancholic memoirs of a novelist whose only want is recognition as an author.

Jay, a promising, young novelist, discovers she is pregnant while busy preparing for the publication of her second novel and the contract for her next work. She intends to have an abortion, but Gunwoo, Jay’s boyfriend, persuades her to go through with the birth; a decision which completely changes their lives.
Director's Note
To my knowledge, the careers of many female film directors are likely to suffer after marriage and childbirth. It appears to be an unavoidable reality for women artists. I wanted to know whether a good life can be compatible with a successful career for women. The conclusions I drew became the basis for this film. The narrative is seemingly discouraging, but I believe that the film can encourage many viewers, especially women experiencing the same agonizing choices, to find their own paths and to keep walking without hesitation.
2022 Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today_Vision (Citizen Critics’ Award)
2022 Seoul Independent Film Festival - Festival Choice (Feture Film Showcase)
2023 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Proxima Grand Prix
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