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LIST Concerning My Daughter
Category Korean Project
Project Concerning My Daughter
Director LEE Mirang
Country Korea
Director's Profile Lee Mirang studied creative writing and film at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication & Arts. She worked as script supervisor on the feature films Poetry (Lee Changdong, 2010), and A Quiet Dream (Zhang Lu, 2016). She has directed several shorts, including Getting Married to a Vietnamese Girl (2005), The Bath (2007) and Chunjung (2013). Concerning My Daughter will be her first feature film.
Left with nothing but a rundown house to keep her off the streets, a mother who works as a carer is in no position to comply with her daughter’s request for money. When her daughter realizes her mother is ineligible even for a bank loan, she is forced to move into her mother’s house together with her lesbian partner. Thrown into an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable situation, the mother directs all her energy into her job as caregiver in a nursing home. However, she cannot help but see her own future and that of her daughter in the experiences of an elderly woman she tends to in the home; alone, in poverty and suffering from dementia.
Director's Note
At first, this film may appear to be a tale of social minorities and the disadvantaged, told through a mother who adamantly clings to ideas of a ‘normal family’, her gay daughter, her daughter’s lesbian partner, and an elderly woman with dementia who has no surviving family or relatives. In fact, the film explores the possibility of ever being able to understand one another in a society that abhors diversity and is inundated with discrimination, inequality, gender conflict, violence, and hate.